Costly Problems with Patient Safety? HCAHPS?
Struggles with Staff Disengagement? Turnover?

PROPEL Coaching Produces Sustainable Results

Proven in 15 years of research to:
  • Patient satisfaction scores up 50%
  • Staff turnover reduced by 80%
  • Staff burnout dropped from 37% to 6%
  • Staff callout and FMLA decreased 75%
  • Patient fall rate cut by 70%
  • HAI’s reduced 50%
  • ED diversion/Patient boarding eliminated

PROPEL Coaches Help Leaders & Staff

Overcome Burnout: Leaders and staff develop positive mindsets and collaborative relationships

Enhance Teamwork: Multidisciplinary teams generate innovative solutions to long-standing problems

Empower Engagement: Highly engaged staff drive successful implementation and sustainability

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Talk to Dr. Tom Muha

  • Dr. Tom Muha is an organizational psychologist with a passion for helping healthcare teams perform at their best.
  • PROPEL was launched in 2005 and has been thoroughly researched at several major academic medical centers.
  • Dr. Muha has brought PROPEL to organizations across the country, including Children's National Medical Center, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Sinai Hospital and many others.
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  • Collect staff perspectives to identify blocks to optimal performance
  • Develop performance improvement plans with evidence-based solutions
  • Develop change management skills proven to transform work environments
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  • Help leaders at all levels learn how to sustain high-performance
  • Provide evidence-based tools for improving staff relationships
  • Coach leaders and staff on applying success strategies to current challenges
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  • Stimulating stories illustrate how to create high-performing healthcare teams
  • Practical tools empower leaders to make improvements in themselves & staff
  • Evidence-based strategies for engaging employees to be at their best
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  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time
  • Programs available for individuals or teams
  • Custom programs also available
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  • Make a difference in healthcare settings using our proven methods
  • Learn PROPEL Coaching skills to deliver high-value services
  • Become a PROPEL Consultant and receive access to powerful online tools
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