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PROPEL: 6 tools for improving your personal wellbeing, loving relationships, and professional growth

Dr. Muha writes "Achieving Happiness" for Capital Gazette
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Learn to harness the power of PROPEL in your life

The six PROPEL positive psychology principles can provide the tools you need to overcome the challenges you're facing. Let Dr. Muha help you figure out how to use the “the science of optimal functioning” to improve your situation. Individual sessions and Couples counseling are available. Feel Better! - Contact Dr. Muha now.

PROPEL Performance for healthcare professionals

Dr. Muha also consults with Healthcare organizations. He uses his 12 years of research with thousands of providers at a major academic medical center to help staff overcome burnout, build teamwork, and develop leaders to enable your organization to achieve its goals. Learn more about PROPEL coaching - Email Dr. Muha to schedule a meeting now.

PROPEL: 6 positive psychology principles for improving your life
  • Passion - generate the drive to achieve the outcomes you desire
  • Relationships - learn how to have great connections at home and at work
  • Optimism - recover quickly from setbacks so you can achieve your goals
  • Proactivity - determine what enables you to be at your best
  • Energy - replenish yourself with daily rituals for your body-mind-emotions
  • Legacy - make a meaningful difference in the lives of others



  • Professionals discover the key to satisfaction and success
  • Worriers retrain their brain to focus on positive outcomes
  • Unhappy individuals master the 5 skills necessary to feel good
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  • Couples learn 7 strategies to bring love back into their relationship
  • Rekindle the love and affection that you once cherished
  • Stop looking at the past and figure out what you want to happen in the future
  • Focus on the positive outcomes you and your partner would like to achieve
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  • Stimulating stories illustrate how to create high-performing teams
  • Practical tools empower leaders to make improvements in themselves & staff
  • Evidence-based strategies for engaging employees to be at their best
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  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time
  • Programs available for individuals or teams
  • Custom programs also available
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  • Make a difference in healthcare settings using our proven methods
  • Learn PROPEL Coaching skills to deliver high-value services
  • Become a PROPEL Consultant and receive access to powerful online tools
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