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About Dr. Tom Muha

Dr. Tom Muha is a psychologist with over 30 years of experience. He provides evidence-based coaching to people who are seeking proven methods for achieving higher levels of personal well-being, positive relationships, and professional performance.

As the science of optimal human functioning has emerged, Dr. Muha has become a leading practitioner of Positive Psychology. His research at several major academic medical centers has enabled him to develop The PROPEL Principles – a proven formula for helping people create their best possible life.

Learning to use the 6 PROPEL positive psychology principles has been shown to significantly improve the ability of individuals, couples, and workgroups to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction and success. PROPEL coaching teaches people how to reignite Passion, create collaborative Relationships, restore Optimism, use strengths Proactively, replenish Energy and leave a meaningful Legacy.

Dr. Muha received his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. He is the founder of The PROPEL Institute, LLC. He has written a weekly newspaper column focusing on Positive Psychology for the Capital Gazette newspaper chain for over 30 years.

Dr. Muha has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at some of the world’s top healthcare organizations, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Magnet Recognition Program’s Pathways to Excellence, HeathStream’s Healthcare Summit, American Organization of Nurse Executives and Sigma Theta Tau. His book, PROPEL to Quality Healthcare, provides a proven six-step formula for improving patient care, staff engagement and the bottom line.

According to Gallup research, 50 percent of hospital-employed RNs report being “disengaged” and 15 percent as “actively disengaged”.

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About the PROPEL Institute

  • For the last 15 years we have been leaders in bringing positive psychology – the science of optimal functioning – to healthcare organizations.
  • Our IRB approved research in major academic medical settings  has proven that using The PROPEL Principles improves performance.
  • Read about how we achieved remarkable results in PROPEL to Quality Healthcare. Become a mentor to your rising stars.