Career Assessment Results

Learn about the science of optimal functioning

How did you score?

Scores of 14-18 Flourishing! You scored a 77% or higher.

You are flourishing at life and in your career. You answered ‘True’ to at least 14 questions in the quiz.

Your score indicates that you’re a top performer because you are:

  • passionate about doing a great job so you can leave work satisfied
  • part of an amazingly supportive team who helps you when needed
  • able to refocus on finding solutions after experiencing a setback
  • use your strongest capabilities to be at your best most days
  • know how to rejuvenate your energy by exercising, sleeping, loving, etc
  • thoughtful about how you can help other people do well in their life

You are an excellent leader, whether you have a formal management position or because people just turn to you for guidance. Trust yourself. Most people do not have your talents, and some of them will try to bring you down to their level. Don’t go there. Stay connected to the people who will work with you to achieve positive outcomes.

Scores of 9-13 Languishing. You scored between a 76%-50%.

Are you languishing in your career? You answered ‘True’ to only less than 13 of the questions.

Your score indicates that you may:

  • be bored with your job and can’t wait to leave work most days
  • don’t like your boss or the way many people treat one another
  • detest the way people criticize people or blame others for problems
  • are frustrated that your talents are not recognized and used effectively
  • frequently feel tired, pressured, resentful, discouraged or stressed
  • wonder why you should be the only one to try to make things better

You’re not alone. More than 50% of the employees in an average American organization share your feelings about their workplace. But not everyone. Typically one in 3 people enjoy their job a lot more than you. Find those people – especially those who are in leadership positions. Work with them or for them if at all possible. You’ll see what they do to make their career much more satisfying.

If you’re stuck and there’s nowhere to turn to find an ally, then contact me to discuss coaching. You can learn how to create a career that’s truly satisfying and exceptionally successful. You need someone who can teach you how to make it happen. I’ve done it for thousands of others, and now it’s your turn. Contact me right now to discover how I can help you.

Scores of 0-8 Suffering. You scored a 49% or less.

There are signs that you’re suffering from significant dissatisfaction in your career.

Your score suggests that you could be very unhappy. Perhaps you’re angry about how you’re being treated at work. Or maybe you’ve just given up and feel that the situation is hopeless. Sometimes unhappy employees will try to soothe themselves with alcohol, food, drugs, affairs, or other behaviors that only make their situation worse in the long run. Occasionally people who suffer sometimes think that others should suffer as well, so they cause trouble or stir up trouble – but eventually they get into trouble.You don’t need to suffer anymore. Contact me and we can figure out how to help you get into a much happier place.