Energy For Life

Energy For Life
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The Energy Principle:
The Rituals of Rejuvenation

Energy comes from maintaining daily rituals for replenishing yourself in four main areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Studies show, however, that less than 30% of people are able to sustain a sufficient energy level to stay fully engaged at work. As your energy level declines, your passion for pursuing positive outcomes drops, your ability to engage in collaborative relationships diminishes, while your pessimistic thinking increases along with your negative reactions to stressors.

Sometimes we become so consumed by our work that we fail to replenish our own energy. Sooner or later we pay the price. We become physically exhausted, mentally drained, emotionally spent and spiritually depleted. We burn out.

To replenish your energy, you must have a daily ritual for taking care of your:

  • Body – sleeping enough, eating well, exercising
  • Mind – meditating, yoga, learning, taking breaks
  • Emotions – generating at least 5 positive emotions for every negative feeling
  • Spirit – praying, communing with nature, helping others

It’s hard to establish these routines, but coaching can provide to support you need to achieve a better balance.

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