Dr. Tom Muha

Practical Tools For Achieving Remarkable Results:

Dr. Tom Muha is an organizational psychologist and developer of the highly successful PROPEL Performance Improvement Program. Backed by 15 years of research, Dr. Muha specializes in helping leaders and staff to be at their best – personally and professionally.  He presents practical skills to enhance wellbeing, increase engagement, and produce sustainable results in patient safety and satisfaction. PROPEL initiatives are proven to boost the bottom line.
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Dr. Muha speaks on a wide array of topics:

Mastering Six Evidence-Based Skills to Develop Effective Leadership
PROPEL research reveals how leaders can create high performance cultures. Case studies illustrate the strategies that must be implemented in order to lead performance improvement initiatives. Six specific steps for leaders are provided that boost employee engagement, increase patient safety and satisfaction, and improve the bottom line.

Cultivating Positive Practices Proven to Enhance Employee Engagement
Learn 6 evidence-based principles based on the science of optimal functioning that have been proven to produce high performance. Discover how mindset shifts can redirect people’s thinking from dwelling on problems to focusing on finding solutions. Learn how to translate innovative ideas into effective implementation. Case studies demonstrate how to achieve impressive improvements.

Bringing Joy Back into the Healthcare Workplace to Increase Retention
75% of hospital nurses say stress is hurting their physical and emotional health, according the ANA surveys. Learning to apply the 6 positive psychology principles of PROPEL will bring joy back into your life – at home as well as at work. You can love your job, enjoy your coworkers and leave work satisfied that you made a meaningful difference in patient’s lives.

Aligning Leaders and Staff to Improve Patient Safety and Satisfaction
Only 1 in 3 healthcare workers are fully engaged in providing high quality patient care, according to Gallup surveys. Discover how the 6 step PROPEL process aligns multi-disciplinary teams with leaders to work together to create a culture of highly engaged employees. Case studies are presented. Practical tools are provided.

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Comments from attendees of past workshops

“Well-coordinated and used humor to generate good energy for the learning of serious content. Polished.”“One of the strongest presentations of the conference.”

“The most useful presentation of the entire conference!”

“Enjoyed this session very much.”

“The focus on keeping things positive was great; tendency is always to go toward problems. Helpful to see how that does not create change.Wonderful examples.”

“Great material presented masterfully.”

“Very well prepared presenter, enjoyable format, and good learning opportunity.”

“Very well prepared presenter and well-coordinated presentation style.”

“Excellent review and summary.”

“Best session of the conference. I took home ways to immediately address challenges at work.”

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