Helping you become a high performing leader

Costly Problems with Patient Safety? HCAHPS?
Struggles with Staff Disengagement? Turnover?

PROPEL Coaching Produces Sustainable Results

Proven in 15 years of research to:

  • Patient satisfaction scores up 50%
  • Staff turnover reduced by 80%
  • Staff burnout dropped from 37% to 6%
  • Staff callout and FMLA decreased 75%
  • Patient fall rate cut by 70%
  • HAI’s reduced 50%
  • ED diversion/Patient boarding eliminated

PROPEL Coaches Help Leaders & Staff

Overcome Burnout: Leaders and staff develop positive mindsets and collaborative relationships

Enhance Teamwork: Multidisciplinary teams generate innovative solutions to long-standing problems

Empower Engagement: Highly engaged staff drive successful implementation and sustainability

6 Steps to PROPEL your Performance

Passion – Discover how to be your best possible self
Overloaded? Overwhelmed? Too many priorities?
Learn to be a leader who stirs passion for achieving positive outcomes.

Relationships – Build teams that support you
Conflicts? Silos? Turnover? Poor performers?
Empower people to help you achieve remarkable results.

Optimism – Develop a solution-oriented mindset
Critics? Bad attitudes? Negative workplace?
Defeat the pessimistic thinking that breeds helplessness.

Proactive – Overcome challenges using your strengths
Not feeling good enough? Helpless? Confused?
Know and use your best traits to enable success.

Energy – Learn to rejuvinate and overcome stress
Exhausted? Stressed out? Burning out?
Create balance and convert stress into energy.

Legacy – Expand people’s ability to be high performers
Low engagement? Lack of collaboration?
Become a mentor to your rising stars.

PROPEL your Career

How will I get all this done?

What will happen if I can’t get it all done?

Feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do? Many healthcare organizations these days have adopted the “do more with less” approach. That means you have to do more in less time and with fewer people. We become anxious when we’re faced with anything that’s new, unknown, or uncertain.

We all know what mounting anxiety feels like – pressured, tense, fearful, irritable, and ultimately – exhausted. We try to breathe and relax, but our body is restless. We try giving ourselves a pep talk, but our mind ruminates. We try to drown out the worrisome voice, but the wine wears off at 3 am.What if you didn’t try to escape from the anxiety?

What if you consciously controlled the way in which you were thinking about the stressful situation? You would be able to manage your mind so that you had the power to think about problems more productively!

Rather than envisioning the worst that could happen, what if you imagined the best possible outcome? Rather than fueling your anxiety, you’d calm yourself. And when your mind is calmer, it’s much better at creating solutions and finding people who could support you in working toward them.

The PROPEL Principles have been crafted to rejuvenate your outlook and understanding of what you want in a successful and positive career. With our healthcare leadership coaching services along with the 6 principles of Passion, Relationships, Optimism, Proactivity, Energy, and Legacy, you can get started on a positive and fulfilled life in the career you are passionate about.

PROPEL Career Assessment

Curious about your own satisfaction in the workplace?

Take the PROPEL Career Assessment and see how you score.

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