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March 2, 2018

Whether you’re a doctor or a nurse, a healthcare leader or clinical technician, you have ideas about what needs to happen to improve patient care. The problem is you have a hard time getting anyone to even listen to you, much less act on your ideas.

Not to mention the fact that you’re already on the verge of being overwhelmed by being asked to do more than you’ve ever done – with sicker, more acute patients. It can be exhausting, setting the stage for burnout, mistakes, and turnover.  The cost is high: in dollars, time, and lives.  A fix is desperately needed.

There are evidence-based solutions. PROPEL initiatives have brought hundreds of healthcare teams together to solve problems themselves, empowering people to be at their best consistently over the course of their career. PROPEL Teams have figured out how to cut their turnover rate in half, increase staff engagement by more than 80%, and buddy-up to get lunch breaks on 12-hour shifts to reduce burnout from 37% to 3%.

Joining forces with people from every level—from the C-suite to the bedside— who are part of a multidisciplinary PROPEL Team will lead to real improvement. Importantly, this team is not made up of the usual formal leadership group. Instead, they’re the most positively engaged and socially connected people from a wide variety of roles.

Solutions that produce significant, sustained improvements almost always incorporate ideas from the people who have to make the change. For example, bedside staff know the practical considerations and downside aspects entailed in making changes. Getting their input before proceeding is essential. My research reveals their contributions provide crucial insights into the underlying factors that must be considered in a successful performance improvement initiative.

You, too, can learn to use “smart team” technology to create a “tipping point,” joining forces with the 30 percent of engaged staff to influence the 50 percent of employees who are in the disengaged category. Finally, you will discover how to sustain your gains and take on the next challenge.

In PROPEL to Quality Healthcare you will find real examples from diverse settings and data from extensive research that lay out a clear step-by-step approach proven to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The chapters will take you from a basic understanding of Positive Psychology and how it can be used in the workplace, to actively using my six-step evidence-based PROPEL plan to transform team dynamics and the cultural environment of virtually any healthcare setting.

Most importantly, this book will motivate you. My goal is to supply you with everything you need to proceed on the path to better staff satisfaction, engagement and retention, which leads to a higher performing workplace and improved patient care and safety. These fundamentals form the foundation of quality healthcare. PROPEL can also fulfill your desire to be part of a high-performing team providing the best possible patient care.  And the bottom line matters, too, which is why CFO’s should also be encouraged to support a PROPEL initiative. Implementing the six Positive Psychology principles can significantly improve a hospital’s fiscal health as well.

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