Proactivity For Life

Proactivity For Life
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The Proactivity Principle:
Redirecting the Energy of Negative Reactions

Proactivity counteracts reactivity – the Fight-Flight-Freeze reactions people experience in stressful situations. Proactivity is a powerful tool that high performing people use to attain the highest levels of success and satisfaction. It requires developing 3 skills:

1. To know and use personal strengths when facing a challenge

2. To align with others to garner support and create momentum

3. To take action every day that makes progress toward the desired outcome

To enhance your ability to be Proactive, you can learn the unique set of strengths that you possess that enable you to to be at your best. An important part of PROPEL coaching are the strengths tests that you will take to identify your top traits.

The Proactivity Principle uses the strengths research to teach people how to address challenging situations more productively. As they learn about their “strengths” and start using them more consistently, they literally build new pathways in their brains that replace Fight-Flight-Freeze reactions with Calm-Connect-Collaborate responses.

To increase awareness of your strengths, complete this Strengths Spotting Activity:

  • What’s something that you’ve done in the past few weeks or months about which you are especially proud?
  • How did you use your strengths to achieve that success?
  • What would it look like if you were to use your strengths to deal with a current challenge?

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