PROPEL Coach Training and Certification

 Benefits of Becoming a PROPEL Coach:

  • Make a Meaningful difference
  • Acquire Powerful Coaching Skills
  • Have a Proven Program to Offer
  • Access to Well-Tested Tools
  • Leverage Positive Psychology
  • Follow Established Methodology
  • Engage with Support Network
  • Receive Marketing Advice
  • Become a Well-Paid Consultant

Grow your business while helping people in the world of healthcare

  • Attend a 2-day training & certification to deliver evidence-based positive psychology coaching on April 26 & 27, 2018
  • Discover the six steps that empower leaders to achieve remarkable results by positively engaging their employees.
  • Market a methodology proven in research at major academic medical centers to be an effective performance improvement program.
  • Use the PROPEL Toolkit to improve:

Personal Wellbeing: Learn how to help individual clients to be more consistently at their best. Use practical exercises from the PROPEL Toolkit to enable people to attain personal balance and form high functioning relationships.

Professional Excellence: Discover how to transform performance improvement initiatives from top down to collaborative. Align leaders and staff around shared values and a common vision to generate a satisfying and successful working environment.

High Performance Teamwork: Teach groups of highly engaged staff to become effective change agents. By implementing positive practices, PROPEL Teams create cultures that motivate disengaged employees to join efforts to improve patient care and bottom line.

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Become a Powerful Coach Using the PROPEL Principles

P – Passion – Many professionals are overloaded, overwhelmed and burning out

Empower leaders to stir people’s passion for achieving positive outcomes

R – Relationships – High stress leads to conflicts, silos, turnover and poor performance

Enable leaders and staff to form alliances to achieve remarkable results

O – Optimism – Relentless problems create pessimistic thinking that breeds helplessness

Teach teams how to develop a solution-oriented mindset

P – Proactive – Negative reactions focus people on their shortcomings and other’s weaknesses

Coach individuals to use their strengths to enable success

E – Energy – Healthcare providers are too often exhausted, stressed and discouraged

→  Help professionals learn to how to rejuvenate and convert stress into useful energy

L – Legacy – Leaders and staff are struggling to take care of themselves, much less others

→  Support people attaining the highest level of happiness by becoming mentors

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PROPEL Principles Coach Certification

Enroll in PROPEL Coach Training                                                                                                                                                           

Space is Limited to 6 Participants to Provide Personal Attention

 Early Bird Price Ends April 6, 2018!!!

Date & Time: April 26 & 27, 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Location:  Maryland Healthcare Education Institute, 6820 Deerpath Rd., Elkridge, MD 21075


Prior to training: Complete the exercises in the PROPEL Toolkit

  • Use the video-assisted guide to learn how to apply the PROPEL Positive Psychology Principles to your own life

Thursday morning: Learn to coach using the PROPEL Toolkit

  • Discover people’s current state and where they want to be in the future

Thursday afternoon: Create mindset shifts to enable clients to achieve their goals

  • Passion – controlling to collaborating
  • Relationships – disconnecting to engaging
  • Optimism – blaming to improving
  • Proactivity – weakening to strengthening
  • Energy – burning out to balancing
  • Legacy – diminishing to empowering

Friday morning: Coach teams to create a culture of high performance

  • Form PROPEL Teams by aligning leaders and select groups of employees
  • Teach Teams how to engage the majority of coworkers to achieve results

Friday afternoon: Market PROPEL Coaching to leaders and organizations

  • Identify needs and the ROI
  • Develop social media strategies
  • Find ‘Champions’ in organizations

Certification Fee: $2950. Early Bird Discount: $2650 before April 6, 2018

  • Includes 1 year of monthly group coaching calls
  • Receive expert advice on how to be successful when implementing your PROPEL Performance Improvement Programs
  • Discuss how to market your coaching services
  • Share your ideas and get answers to your questions as part of a supportive group of PROPEL coaches

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About the PROPEL Institute

  • For the last 15 years we have been leaders in bringing positive psychology – the science of optimal functioning – to healthcare organizations.
  • Our IRB approved research in major academic medical settings has proven that using The PROPEL Principles improves performance.
  • Learn how to coach people on how to implement the PROPEL Performance Improvement Program and you can help them achieve remarkable results like these:

→Reduce RN turnover by >50%

→Lower HAI’s by >40% and patient falls by >70%

→Increase staff satisfaction and engagement by >80%

→Improve HCAHPS by >50%

About Dr. Tom Muha

Author and speaker Dr. Tom Muha is a psychologist with over 30 years of experience in delivering evidence-based coaching to individuals and teams who are seeking proven methods for achieving higher levels of personal well-being and professional performance.

As the science of optimal human functioning has emerged, Dr. Muha has become a leading practitioner of Positive Psychology. He has been at the forefront in the study of how people involved in healthcare systems can achieve the highest levels of success and satisfaction.

His research at several major academic medical centers has enabled Dr. Muha to develop The PROPEL Principles. His book, PROPEL to Quality Healthcare, provides a proven six step formula for improving patient care, staff engagement and the bottom line.

Teaching people to use the PROPEL positive psychology principles has been shown to significantly enhance life satisfaction, loving relationships, job engagement and team effectiveness. PROPEL coaching enables people to learn how to reignite passion, create collaborative relationships, rekindle optimism, develop strengths, replenish energy and leave a meaningful legacy.

Dr. Muha has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at some of the world’s top healthcare organizations, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the Magnet Recognition Program’s Pathways to Excellence, HeathStream’s Healthcare Summit, American Organization of Nurse Executives and Sigma Theta Tau.

Dr. Muha received his Doctoral degree in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1977. He is the founder of The PROPEL Institute, LLC. He has written a weekly newspaper column focusing on Positive Psychology for the Capital Gazette newspaper chain for nearly 30 years.

“Tom is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging presenter. He presents information in a way that is understandable and useful.

His presentation contains take-aways that are immediately applicable to address concerns/issues at work. He uses practice examples that make the content come alive and helps me see that making positive changes is doable.”

 Jill J. Draime, PsyD

2017 SPIM President and Conference Organizer

“I am glad to help spread the word about PROPEL, a six-step program for healthcare professionals that can improve patient care, staff engagement, and the bottom line.

Tom’s work is based on decades of research in the science of Positive Psychology, as well as his 15 years of field work in major hospitals and medical centers across this country where we have seen incredible results from adopting the principles and tactics of PROPEL.”

Peter Pronovost, MD

 Peter Pronovost, MD

Internationally Known Patient Safety Expert  Author: Smart Hospitals Safe Patients

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