Relationships For Life

Relationships for Life
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The Relationship Principle:
The Power of Supportive People

We all need someone to believe in us, encourage us when we have setbacks, and ultimately celebrate success with us. But such relationships are rare: 25% of people say they have no close connections. 50% of marriages will end in divorce. 70% of employees dislike their boss and don’t care about their coworkers. Love, friendship and teamwork are in short supply.

The study of people engaged in successful relationships shows that they:

  • generate 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative encounter
  • use Inquiry to gather facts and an understanding of the other person’s perspective before advocating their own point of view
  • develop an appreciation of what Others need in conjunction with their own desired outcome in order to work out a win-win solution
  • find a mentor or hire a Positive Psychology Coach if they need help

Consider your own ratio of positive/negative feelings that you’re experiencing, for that’s what determines the emotions that you bring into your relationships. In the last 24 hours count the number of times you felt irritated, humiliated, contempt, disgust, embarrassed, guilty, distrust, sadness, stress, or fearful. Then calculate the number of time you felt amused, amazed, appreciative, encouraged, inspired, curious, joyful, loved, proud, or peaceful. Is your own positive/negative ratio above the 5/1 threshold?

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