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How to Replenish Your Internal Engine

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You might think that those who devote their professional lives to improving the health of others would themselves be models of good health and good habits. You’d be wrong. Study after study finds that healthcare providers are pretty terrible about looking after their own health, and that they have a surprising inclination toward unhealthy habits. Ironically, the passion and training that drives them to want to give the best care humanly possible does not carry over into their off-hours. Spend a day in their shoes and you’d see why.

Caring for the sick, injured, dying (or even those recovering from an elective surgery) is draining. And hospital environments—for the people who work in them, that is—have not done a great job in promoting good health. The soda and candy machines on every floor offer a quick caffeine fix or sugar jolt. Missed lunches are not unusual, particularly when there is a staff shortage; patients’ needs don’t take a break. Fresh air and the great outdoors are usually not accessible for hospital workers, so shift after shift is spent cooped up inside. Add to all this the inherently stressful dynamics of the physician/nurse dyad, plus the unpredictable demands of patients’ family members and you can begin to see why those who provide care to others have little energy left for themselves at the end of the day.

When we become so consumed by our work that we fail to replenish our own energy, sooner or later we pay the price. We become physically exhausted, mentally drained, emotionally spent and spiritually depleted. We burn out.

The Energy Principle develops daily rituals to rejuvenate our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

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