The Passion Principle

Developing the Drive to Create Positive Outcomes

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The PROPEL Principles: PassionPassion is the source of our inspiration and motivation. Having passion for our work can enable us to perform at the highest level. But passion can also have a dark side if it becomes a consuming need for control.

Harmonious Passion develops when people work together to create powerful inner drive that focuses them on fulfilling their purpose. It intensifies when people clarify and align their values with others who are committed to achieving a shared vision of the future. The positive energy that’s generated spawns upward spirals of innovation and determination.

Obsessive Passion is based on a fear of failure, which drives people to try to control others to get results. It’s fueled by anxiety and anger, emotions that signal uncertainty about people’s capabilities and frustration over their efforts. Negativity can work briefly, but ultimately creates resistance and resentment – and poor results!

To create harmonious passion requires crystallizing people’s values into a compelling vision that allows them to actually picture a specific positive outcome. When teams create a set of shared values and a common vision of what it means to be at their best, they are motivated to engage in behaviors that lead to exceptional results.

Often organizations assign a long list of values and hold employees accountable to a vague mission statement. The Passion Principle develops people’s inner drive by drilling down to 2-3 core values, establishing a shared vision, defining specific goals for getting there, and building resilience for overcoming setbacks.

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