The Proactivity Principle

How to Redirect the Energy of Negative Reactions

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We humans are hardwired to react negatively when faced with a problem. When we feel threatened, the midbrain (mesencephalon) hijacks our attention to focus on how we can avoid harm, triggering the production of stress chemicals (cortisol) that prepare us for “fight or flight,” a chemical reaction that can kick in whether or not reality warrants it. Fortunately, medical researchers have discovered that we can learn to redirect the energy evoked by stressful situations and stop the torrent of cortisol. In contrast to negative reactivity, I call this technique “proactivity.”

The Proactivity Principle teaches people how to address challenging situations more productively. As they learn about their “strengths” and start using them more consistently, they literally build new pathways in their brains that become the enablers of success.

Learn how to redirect your negative energy into positive and proactive actions!



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